Soaking Worship Music

Enjoy God’s Presence as you listen to soaking worship music by Peter Robertson. Take time to experience His peace and rest with these Christian soaking prayer music Mp3s, downloads.

Create a peaceful, restful, worshipful atmosphere in your home with soaking worship music. It is scriptural that anointed worship music has the power to greatly minister to our lives. 1 Samuel 16:25 tells of how Saul found relief from oppression when David played his harp. Elisha, when seeking a word from the Lord, asked for someone to bring him a minstrel (a musician) (2 Kings 3:15). When the musician began to play, Elisha received the word from the Lord.

Music is an incredible vehicle to plant things in our heart. In the album Devotion, scripture is sung gently and repeatedly to allow God’s Word to become embedded in our hearts and feed our spirits.

Buy these instrumental worship CDs (Peace, Rest, Dream) to deepen your relationship with the One who loves you unconditionally.