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With over three decades dedicated to music ministry, Peter has been source of creativity and guidance in worship. Leading music departments at Lakeside Christian Centre and Rhema Bible Church on the Gold Coast, Peter’s influence has touched congregations far and wide.

Teaming up with his wife, Cristie, WMI have released numerous worship albums, instrumental music and contributed to various worship projects, with a commitment to creating transformative, heart-felt musical experiences. Beyond the stage, Peter’s role as a producer has shaped the sounds of worship for numerous worship artists.

Peter and Cristie, through their worship and preaching , have a passion to help others understand who they are in Christ, and empower people to rise up to be everything that the Lord paid so dearly for them to become. Peter and Cristie Robertson minister in churches, conferences, family camps, youth camps, worship seminars and missions trips both nationally and internationally as Worship Ministries International.



Cristie’s journey with worship began at a tender age when she first lent her voice to the songs of praise in her childhood church. Since those early days, her passion for worship has only deepened, becoming a guiding force in her life. Cristie’s vocal talents have resonated in the music industry for many years.

Cristie’s commitment to worship is now a powerful tool for not only her own spiritual connection and expression but also for others to experience God in the same way. Together, with her husband Peter, the duo traverse churches and conferences across Australia and overseas, holding worship seminars and minister through the harmonious blend of word and song.


Our vision is to see every believer empowered to be the worshiper that God created them to be. We have a heart to see worship teams learn how to flow and interpret the moves of the Holy Sprit in their services and for churches to raise their expectancy for the powerful move of God that He is wanting to do every week, not because of who is on the stage but because of who is on the throne! We believe that a spirit of excellence is from the heart and with practical training every worship, team can grow and be everything that God has called them to be and everything that the Church needs them to be.  We provide this through preaching, teaching, worship seminars and master classes and teach congregations the importance of worship and their part in the move of God. 


I can still remember when the Lord began to stir my heart about concentrating my whole ministry on Worship. He had instructed me to change the name of the ministry from Peter Robertson Ministries Ltd to Worship Ministries International Ltd & from then on to focus my ministry on worship, where before hand I used to preach on virtually any subject after singing a couple of worship songs. I still remember thinking, “who on earth is going to want me us come to their church & minister in & on worship. Anybody can do that.” It was then that the Lord really began to challenge me that I had a very limited view of worship.

Whilst I was aware of the help we could be to a music team, because of our experience as a professional musicians, I was missing the huge vision that God has for each of our churches in our worship services. A few years earlier I had experienced people coming up to me, after worship, saying that they had experienced amazing healings. I was smart enough to know that no matter how well that I played nobody would get healed. I began to hear of similar instances all over the body of Christ, of people being healed as they focused on the Lord & worshiped Him. I then remembered the scripture in Heb 12:2 “looking unto Jesus, the author & finisher of our faith”.

Many of our churches preach wonderful messages on faith & healing, but it is easy for us to impersonalise the Word & forget that Jesus is the Word (John 1:1). We all know that Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God (Rom 10:17) but when our people learn to worship Him with selfless abandonment, and have a vision for what happens when Gods people truly worship Him, we will see the glorious things that we are all believing for in our churches. Lets get with Gods vision for worship & become the glorious church that we are meant to be.

Jan and I have been blessed to have known Peter Robertson for many years. he has ministered with us all over the world and is one of the most anointed ministers and musicians we know.
Now with his lovely wife Cristie by his side it is even better! I highly recommend Worship Ministries International as I know they will be a blessing wherever they go.

Col Stringer

Col Stringer Ministries

The music and ministry of Peter Robertson is life changing. God has given him a gift that is unique and powerful. The rest and peace that flow from his music, linked with the character and integrity of the musician, makes his music more than just music. It is anointed and performed by an anointed man of God.

Peter and I have ministered together several times, both here in the USA and in Australia and it has always been a wonderful experience.

At our church and ministry offices, I have had Peter Robertson’s music playing in the background continuously for a number of years. The staff and visitors never tire of it. Things from God never grown old.
It is an honour to call Peter Robertson a friend and to endorse his music and Worship Ministries International.

Dr Larry Ollison

Intl. Director of ICFM, International Convention of Faith Ministries

I have personally enjoyed listening to Peter’s music, and a particular favourite is his intrumental masterpiece ‘Rest’.
You can literally discern the anointing of Rest in his beautiful work. I have no doubt that you will experience the gentle refreshing of the Holy Spirit as you allow Peter’s music to wash over you.

Joseph Prince

Senior Pastor, New Creation Church, Singapore