Elevator Music

Enjoy refreshingly original elevator music by Peter Robertson. These instrumentals are an excellent choice for businesses that want to create a relaxed environment yet keep it interesting. Download muzak, piped music, weather music and lift music.

Would you like to give your customers a fresh experience while at your business? A simple change in music can enhance their experience with your business. This instrumental elevator music can be played over and over again without one getting tired of it.

Want some new music that has the power to lighten your mood and improve your day at work? The arrangements of acoustic guitar, piano and saxophone in these instumentals create a peaceful yet professional atmosphere, without intruding on your thoughts. Download elevator music that can also be used in any area of your workplace.

Own a Christian business? Play our elevator music to create an annointed atmosphere that brings in the favor of God. Listen to elevator music online and see for yourself!

History of Muzak

The term muzak was introduced to the market by a company called Muzak Holdings Corporation. Muzak refers to music designed for playing in shopping malls, grocery stores, department stores, cruise ships, airports and businesses. Peter Robertson’s instrumental music is catagorized in the muzak genre as it is similar to weather music and piped music.