Ministry Update November 19

Hello to all our partners and friends,

This is the first of our monthly catch ups and a thank you for your support and interest in our ministry. As a worship ministry, I really believe that God has given us a mandate to reveal Jesus wherever we go, whether in a worship service, a sermon, a worship seminar, an evangelistic event or a worship album.

I remember years ago when I asked the Lord what the call on this ministry was and He just told me to point them to Him and He’d do the rest. So that is what Cristie and I do everywhere we go. I don’t feel that people need another church service, but rather an experience of His presence, power and goodness. We don’t have all the answers for a broken world but Jesus does! When we connect people to the Lord and they see His goodness, He is able to change the most impossible situation.

The Bible says in Romans 2:4 that “it is the goodness of God that leads you to repentance.” No matter the situation that you find yourself in, no matter how badly you may have messed up, run to Jesus and not away from Him for it is in connection to Him that our lives can truly change and transform.

This is the gospel (good news) that the Bible says is the power of God to salvation. The Greek word that is translated to salvation in this scripture, literally means, to deliver, rescue, heal and save. Don’t try and fix yourself when Jesus waits with open arms. Every time we preach the gospel, God confirms His word with healings and changed lives.

On a practical note, we would appreciate your prayers as I am recording a new worship instrumental for release in the early part of 2020 and I feel that Cristie and myself are to release more word and new covenant based worship music at the end of next year also.

We also feel that God has been leading us to minister more in our rural and outback areas that have have been going through some really hard times. We have the opportunity to purchase a caravan that will enable this important ministry. If you could join with us in prayer to believe for a vehicle to be able to tow this caravan, we would be grateful. Once again, thank you for all your prayers and support, we have absolute confidence that our every need will be met according to His riches in glory. We call you favoured, blessed and loved.

Blessings and talk soon,

Pete and Cristie

Ps… Please let us know if you would like us to agree with you in prayer for anything, if so, you can contact us through our website

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