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Devotion - Scripture Sung for Reflection and Meditation of God's Word

The Bible says that the word of God is living and active. It has the answer to every need in our life. Music is an incredible vehicle to plant things in our heart. When the Jews meditate on the word of God they often sing portions of scripture. When I was trying to teach my young son our phone number, I had no success until I put the number into a little tune. He heard it once and never forgot it. We dont' just need the word in our heads but alive in our hearts. I have added certain scriptures together as they show God's heart for us when we are facing certain trials. There are none of my own lyrics in this music. It is all unedited scripture. I have just repeated certain portions of the scripture to add to the musical flow. Let the scripture wash over you and become implanted in your hearts so that you can enjoy all that God has given you. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by worship ministries international.

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